Class Teacher Lessons

  1. Working together with reading group, motivate students to read during class teacher lesson.
    And hence, it helps student to develop interest in reading and reading habits.
  2. To cultivate students' good behavior and class style through the class teacher's class.
  3. Students can enjoy the school life and develop a strong sense of belonging to School.

Class Teacher

1A Mr Kwan Wai Nok

1B Miss Cheung Ka Suen

1C Miss Tsang Ying Pik

1D Miss Hung Pui Man

1E Miss Rao Yu Qing

2A Miss Sang Ya Zhen

2B Miss Cheung Wai Hing

2C Miss Chau Tsz Ching

2D Miss Fung Yan

3A Mr Man Gordon

3B Miss Sun Zi Ying

3C Miss Yu Ka Wai

3D Miss Wong Yi Man

4A Miss Pei Lei

4B Miss Yim Ni

4C Miss Cheng Chung Lan

5A Miss Tsang Bing Ting Francis

5B Miss Li Sze Man

5C Miss Chen Yan Tong

5D Miss Yeung Sze Long Joycelyn

6A Miss Sun Yang

6B Mr Hui Lok Yin Louie

6C Mr Tsang Chi Long

6D Mr Lai Lap Keung